Pushing the Boundaries of Form

Pushing the Boundaries of Form

Discover captivating sculptures in the K Ho Arts gallery

Rooted in the surreal, Karl Howeth's sculptures bring the human subconscious to life. As a self-taught artist, he takes an intuitive approach to sculpture. Most of his pieces are free-standing, although he has also created a series of masks. He typically works with clay and other organic materials.

Not bound by form or expectation, his pieces come in a variety of sizes. Explore the K Ho Arts gallery today.

Embrace the power of art

Tired of boring, straight-laced artwork? You've come to the right place. Karl Howeth creates surrealist sculptures that challenge your mind and buck social norms.

His sculptural pieces are known for their:

  • Freewheeling nature
  • Imaginative forms
  • Emotional impact

He uses a variety of materials to create a collection of rich textures. Want to check out his work? Be sure to explore the K Ho Arts gallery today.