Discover the Surreal

Discover the Surreal

Check out the surrealist paintings in the K Ho Arts portfolio

As an art movement, surrealism asks us to push beyond the bounds of human experience - to unlock our minds and unleash our creativity. Karl Howeth, of K Ho Arts, creates oil canvas works in this rich tradition. He produces breathtaking oil paintings that capture the wildness of the unconscious mind.

In 2017, he showed pieces in Lisbon, Portugal, and in 2016 he showed in Detroit, Michigan. Today, he takes pride in supporting his local community through his work. Explore his expansive online portfolio today.

Unlock your mind

Karl Howeth believes in art as an agent for social change. He creates compelling oil paintings to benefit current social movements like the Standing Rock protests.

His surrealist oil pieces are:

  • Subversive
  • Expansive
  • Inspired

Want to view the K Ho Arts portfolio? Check out Karl Howeth's online gallery today.