Discover Artwork That Inspires

Discover Artwork That Inspires

Browse graphic illustrations in the K Ho Arts gallery

Charcoal is one of the first tools that humans used to make artwork. First appearing in early cave paintings, charcoal later earned its place in the art world during the Renaissance. Today, artists from across the globe use charcoal and graphite to create captivating pieces.

Karl Howeth creates a variety of surrealist charcoal and graphite illustrations. Pulling inspiration from the current social and political moment, he creates striking pieces that capture our time. Explore his charcoal illustrations in the K Ho Arts gallery.

Creating stunning surrealist works

Looking to expand your mind through art? You've come to the right place. Karl Howeth creates hair-raising charcoal illustrations that have garnered international attention.

Karl has:

  • Exhibited his work across the United States
  • Produced illustrations for books
  • Illustrated graphic works in Germany

View his illustrations in the K Ho Arts gallery today.